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4 Features to Look for When Shopping for Baby Socks - Snappy Socks

4 Features to Look for When Shopping for Baby Socks

If you’re a parent to a little one, you’ve probably spent no shortage of time thinking about the wardrobe essentials for your child like their baby socks—and for good reason! Your baby’s feet are soft and sensitive, which means their socks need to be comfortable and functional. So how can you make sure that their tiny feet stay happy? Here are a few key features to look for when you’re shopping for baby socks! 


Breathable, Comfortable Fabric 

When shopping for baby socks, you'll want to look for breathable, comfortable fabric. The material should be soft and smooth, with no seams or rough edges that could irritate your baby's skin. It should also be free of latex, rubber, and chemicals or dyes that could irritate your baby’s skin. Cotton baby socks offer a breathable fabric that will feel good on your baby’s feet. 


Baby Socks with Grip  

For babies on the move, silicone grips that prevent slips and falls are a must have feature in your child’s socks! Snappy Socks feature silicone dots on the bottom of the socks to create extra friction between your child’s feet and the ground, preventing unwanted accidents. They also have grips inside the sock, which make them more difficult for your child to pull off and lose. 


Socks That Snap Together  

Consider this special feature more for your benefit—socks that snap together, like Snappy Socks, make laundry day a little bit easier! Simply snap your baby’s socks together before putting them in the washing machine, wash and dry your clothes as normal, then when you take them out of the wash, they’ll still be snapped together (and pre-sorted)! 


Mom-Approved Baby Socks 

As with any new baby product you’re looking to incorporate, it’s always a good idea to get the opinion of other parents. Snappy Socks, the all-in-one baby socks that snap together, are mom invented, patented, and approved!  

To order your baby’s new wardrobe essential, click here. 

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