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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pick the right fit? 

Snappy Socks was created by parents, so we realize the world of baby clothing sizes is definitely not one-size-fits-all! We recommend utilizing our size chart as a helpful tool when making your buying decision. 


If your little one has adorably chunky feet and legs, it’s probably best to size up; if your child’s legs are more long and narrow, you may get more longevity out of a smaller size.  

Ultimately, we say use your amazing parental superpower intuition—it’s usually right! 

Non-Reversible Clip to Snap 

Please note, that each sock has a unique snap to match the alternative clip. If the clip does not fit on the snap, please switch the clips to the other sock and snap together.


Can my child sleep in Snappy socks? We don’t recommend leaving Snappy socks on your child overnight. Silicone, by nature, doesn’t allow the skin to breathe very easily, so it’s important to let those little feet breathe at night! 

We also recommend taking the clips off your Snappy Socks when you’re not actively using them, or when they’ve been worn for extended periods of time. 

Are Snappy Socks silicone-tested and skin-safe?  

100%. Our socks are safety-tested and 100% skin safe tested silicone. Snappy Socks are CPSIA compliant via CPSC (Child Product Safety Certificate).  

Are true silicone allergies extremely rare?  


Are some children more prone to skin sensitives than others?  

Definitely. When you’re introducing Snappy Socks to your baby, check your their skin periodically and avoid overnight use. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. 

Will the Snappy Socks leave sock marks behind?

Like all brands of socks we’ve ever used on our children, the Snappy Socks may leave temporary dots or pressure marks on your child’s skin, especially around the ankles, or if your child has fair or sensitive skin. That said, we use 100% silicone-tested, baby-safe materials. 

Help! My kid slipped their Snappy Socks off over their heel! 

Simply the result of a clever kid! We invented a baby/toddler sock that doesn’t fall off and is much more difficult to pull off, but not impossible (that would be scary and a safety concern). Some children figure out how to manipulate the sock via slipping it off the heel, especially when you enter the 2-3 years old age range. There’s nothing, unfortunately, we can do in these situations besides put a tally in their “Win” column—Parents: 0; Kids: 1. 

Help! My child pulled the Snappy Socks clip off! 

Another win for the kid! Although we invented a solution to losing shoes, this is not impossible (the kids are wise)! 

How can you separate two socks which have gotten snapped together? 

To unsnap socks snapped together, don’t pull the sock (this can cause the snap to tear from the sock). Instead, just place both hands on each snap and pull. 

Choking Hazard

Please be aware that some pieces are small enough to fit in your child's mouth. Supervision required at all times.

Recommended Care

How should I clean Snappy Socks?

Wash Snappy Socks before use on the a gentle cycle with like colors, no bleach, and no tumble drying. 

To clean your Snappy Sock clips, wipe clean with a wipe or damp cloth.

What is pilling? 

Pilling occurs when fibers in a material become loose, get tangled, and form tiny balls at the end of the fiber. Typically, pilling is caused by friction or rubbing of the garment, most often while it’s being worn, washed, or dried. The dreaded fuzz balls associated with pilling are not a fabric defect, and are something that happens to all fabrics over time.

How can I prevent pilling on my Snappy Socks? 

Before washing, turn the Snappy Socks inside-out to reduce the amount of contact they have with other items in your wash. 

In the Wash: 

Choose a delicate cycle, keep your Snappy Socks away from Velcro (use a garment bag), and don’t rub stains; instead, apply a stain remover and blot or simply let sit before placing in the wash. You can also hand wash as an alternative (if you have the time!). We’ve also heard adding a fabric softener to the wash helps prevent pilling, as it coats the fibers of the fabric, lessening abrasions. Finally, we recommend using a liquid laundry detergent with enzymes, which will aid in dissolving small, weak fibers that may cause pilling. A few detergents to check out are ECOS, Tide, and Arm & Hammer.

In the Dryer: 

Avoid tumble drying completely. We know with kids, this isn’t always realistic, but it will increase the longevity of your Snappy Socks and greatly reduce pilling. If you do wish to dry your Snappy Socks, do so on a low setting and keep them inside a garment bag for the entire cycle.

How can I remove pills that have already formed? 

To remove pills from your Snappy Socks, use a razor blade and gently shave them off, going in the same direction as the weave/knit. Alternatively, you could purchase a pill/fuzz remover.

Returns & Exchanges 

Do you accept returns? 

We’re happy to offer free domestic returns for 30 days from the date your order was created. Please ensure your Snappy socks are unworn and unwashed. 

For our complete Refund Policy click here. 

Do you offer exchanges? 

If you received your Snappy Socks as a gift and would like to exchange them, please collect the order number, postal code, name, shipping address, and email address of the purchaser in order to expedite the process. If you don’t have this information, please email us at 

For our complete Refund Policy click here.

When will I receive my refund? 

Please allow up to two weeks to fully process your return or exchange. A credit will automatically be applied to your original method of payment within 3-5 business days. Processing time may vary depending on your bank. 

For our complete Refund Policy click here.

Our customers mean the world to us! If you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

How Did Snappy Socks Become Safe For Children?

Certification means the issuance of a written Children's Product Certificate (CPC) in which the manufacturer or importer certifies that its children's product complies with all applicable children's product safety rules (or similar rules, bans, standards, or regulations under any law enforced by the Commission for that product.)

Certification of children's products must be based upon the passing test results of third party testing.  The third party testing laboratory provides the testing services and results but does not issue the children's product certificate.

The manufacturer or importer is responsible for drafting and issuing the CPC.  The manufacturer or importer may draft the CPC by itself, at no cost, based upon the passing test results of the third party testing.

The importer must issue the CPC for products manufactured overseas, and the U.S. manufacturer must issue the CPC for products manufactured domestically.  See 16 CFR part 1110. Please note, in cases when an importer issues the certificate, the importer does not need to be located physically within the United States; nor do they need to list a U.S.-based address to comply with sections 3 and 4 of the certificate. 

The manufacturer or importer of a children's product that is subject to children's product safety rules or other standards is always legally responsible for issuing a CPC, even if a third party testing laboratory, or another third party, helps draft the CPC.

See Full Safety Test Here


Our patented Never-Slip Socks stay put on your child's feet and snap together so you never lose a sock again!

How It Works

One of a Kind...Just Like Your Baby!

Our one of a kind Never-Slip Socks offer total comfort and safety, and the fact that they snap together to ensure you never lose your child's sock again!

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