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7 Tips for Juggling a New Baby and a New Business - Snappy Socks

7 Tips for Juggling a New Baby and a New Business

Welcoming a new baby is one of the greatest joys in life. As you adjust to parenthood and nurture your newborn, you might feel inspired to start another new endeavor, too — a business. Juggling a business and a baby will certainly be challenging, but there are resources, tips, and tools that may make it easier — including the following seven.

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Develop a Daily Routine

Tending to your baby’s care alongside your new business might seem like a recipe for chaos — and if you don’t take steps to stay organized, it will be. To avoid this, you need to have a daily routine that you stick to. It should include childcare tasks as well as business-related responsibilities.


Find Apps That Boost Productivity

Mobile applications can be a great tool for helping you maintain your daily routine. There are apps that offer a daily calendar and other apps that generate timed reminders. Investing in these tools is a great way to stay on track throughout the day and ensure that you find a balance between your baby and your business.


Create a Baby-Friendly Office

If you plan to work from home as you launch your business, you’ll need to craft a space that’s conducive to work. It should also be conducive to play — for the baby. Making space for your infant will ensure that they enjoy quality bonding time with you while you still make time to manage your business.


Find Flexible Child Care

According to statistics, 57% of families that work spend at least $10,000 on childcare in a year. This may be startling if you’re on a tight budget and juggling the startup expenses associated with your new business. Rather than spending money on pricey daycare centers, you should seek out flexible care options such as babysitters or enlist help from family and friends.


Create an Engaging Website

Your website will be the first impression that most customers get of your new business — so of course, you want to ensure that it’s engaging and persuasive. You can add visual appeal to the site by creating a banner graphic with customized text, different fonts, and your brand’s colors. Using an online banner maker is more affordable than hiring a graphic designer.


Draft a Detailed Business Plan

It’s not a good idea to wing it when it comes to business management — or parenthood. There’s no blueprint for parental perfection, but you can create a blueprint for your business by writing a business plan. Your plan should include details about the nature of your business, how you intend to sell your product or services, and what kind of financial resources you are using. Additional steps to start a new business include choosing a business structure, registering your business, and opening a bank account for your company.


Don’t Forget to Invest in Self-Care

With a baby and a business, it’s easy to neglect self-care. If you don’t take care of your own needs, though, you’re far more likely to experience burnout. Take time to meditate, go to therapy, or pamper yourself with a spa day.


New Parents Can Be Entrepreneurs, Too

You don’t have to choose between parenthood and entrepreneurship. In fact, tackling both at the same time may be beneficial. With a detailed business plan, you can achieve success and see your child thrive.

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