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How to Plan for Your Baby’s First Birthday Party - Snappy Socks

How to Plan for Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

How to Plan for Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Wow, you made it through year one and now it’s time for your baby’s first birthday! Congratulations on making it through your first year of parenthood (or your first year with a new baby in your world)! Now that it’s time to celebrate your little “one,” here are a few tips that’ll make their birthday a piece of cake.

Decide When to Throw Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

When you want to make sure your friends and family can make it out to celebrate your baby's first birthday, your best bet is to plan for a weekend party. If your baby's birthday falls on a weekday, opt for that weekend before or after to make sure all their loves ones are able to attend. 

Time-wise, plan the party around your child's naptime, opting for a time right after their nap so they're well-rested and less likely to be fussy. Long parties can be overwhelming for babies, especially if there are a lot of people in attendance, so keep the party to around two hours long.

Pick Where to Have Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

If your home is large enough to host your guest list, it can be a convenient and cost-effective option for your child's first birthday party. Your guests may be able to stay longer and feel more comfortable, and all your baby's essentials are readily on hand.

Alternatively, there are a number of options outside of your home that can make great party venues, such as restaurants, but definitely call ahead to make sure they can accomodate your group. If your child's birthday falls during a season with great weather, you can even hold your event in a park where you can set up your own food and decorations, and take advantage of nearby park playgrounds—just call ahead and see what you need to do to reserve the space for your baby's special day!

Keep in mind that you will need space for babies to move around safely, have diaper changes, get nursed, and retreat to in case they get fussy and need a break from the crowd.

Get Ready for What’s Next with Shoespenders

If your little one isn't already walking, you surely know it's coming soon! Most babies walk for the first time between 8 and 18 months. As they start walking, be sure they're shoes are snugly on their feet with Shoespenders, the safe and comfortable solution to lost or dangling baby shoes that could cause trips and falls. 

Each Shoespender comes with a pair of socks that connects using the Shoespender clips, ensuring if shoes start to fall off, they'll dangle securely instead of getting lost!

Prepare for the toddler years now—order your baby's Shoespenders here.

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