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Parenting Hacks Every New Parent Needs to Know - Snappy Socks

Parenting Hacks Every New Parent Needs to Know

Whether you’re a first time parent or you’ve already had a bit of practice with newborns, parenting is no easy feat! Luckily, there are plenty of parents who have already cracked the code on some of the everyday challenges faced by new moms and dads. 

Using tried-and-true advice, here are 5 parenting hacks every new mom or dad needs to know to make this challenging job a little bit easier. 

Parenting Hack #1: Stash Baby Wipes Everywhere…And We Mean Everywhere

You already know they’re a staple with a baby, but the key is stocking up and hiding baby wipes everywhere! You never know when you’re going to need to wipe a runny nose, change a diaper when you least expect to, or end up out-and-about longer than you expected. Baby wipes’ use aren’t just limited to wiping butts and noses, though—they’re also convenient to have on hand to clean up spills and wipe sticky hands as your baby turns into a toddler on the move (and into everything)! 

Parenting Hack #2: Always Keep a Change of Clothes With You

You probably already have a change of clothes for your baby in their diaper bag or your car in case an accident happens while you’re out, but don’t forget to think about yourself, too! Baby spit and poop aren’t always avoidable, no matter how hard we try as parents, and having a spare change of clothes on hand is always a good idea!

Parenting Hack #3: Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

New parent exhaustion is real. Keeping up with your baby’s schedule while trying to maintain your own daily routines like work, cooking, and running errands, is challenging, to say the least. One parenting hack we’ve heard time and time again, though, is to sleep on your baby’s schedule so you don’t miss out on the chance for some much needed zzz’s. Resist the temptation to do the laundry or dishes while your baby is napping if you can and take a little nap yourself, too.

Parenting Hack #4: Make a Portable Diaper Changing Station

A portable diaper changing station is a helpful hack for new parents to keep you from running around the house or up and down stairs while your baby needs their diaper changed. You can create a portable changing station with a caddy or basket, filled with changing essentials like diapers, wipes, and cream.

Parenting Hack #5: Prevent Lost Shoes With Shoespenders

For busy new parents, one of the last things you’re going to want to do is spend time searching for missing baby shoes. Shoespender is the baby shoe hack you didn’t know you needed, safely and securely connecting a pair of socks to your baby’s shoes with the Shoespender clips. If your baby kicks their shoes off, the shoes will dangle securely instead of getting lost! Shoespender socks even snap together for the laundry—no more time searching for lost shoes OR socks! Make parenting a new baby a little bit easier—view our collection here.

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