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The Kids’ Shoe Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year - Snappy Socks

The Kids’ Shoe Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year

Spring is here, which means it’s time to switch up your kiddo’s shoes to match warmer temperatures and seasonal outfits. Whether it’s your child’s first spring, or they’ve completely outgrown their kicks from last year, here are five children’s shoe trends that you’re going to see everywhere in 2022.

Kids’ Shoe Trend #1: Retro Styles

What’s old is new again with retro footwear styles this year! Jelly sandals, Doc Martens, and Oxford flats will be all the rage, even for the little ones!

Kids’ Shoe Trend #2: Multi-Season Styles

We know firsthand how costly it can be to buy baby shoes…in fact, it’s what led us to invent Shoespenders! This year, expect to see more multi-season footwear options that are suitable for longer than a season (if your child doesn’t outgrow them, that is!). 

Kids’ Shoe Trend #3: Light-Up Shoes

These are a fun classic for a reason; kids love lights! Look for shoes that light up, glow in the dark, or flash when your child steps for a fun, interactive addition to their wardrobe.

Kids’ Shoe Trend #4: Fashionable Sneaks

Sneakers are always a sturdy shoe option that’ll keep your child’s feet dry, supported, and stylish! Look for more retro designs, neutral color palettes, and causal white designs.

Kids’ Shoe Trend #5: Comfort & Versatility

The best shoe option for your kiddo is always going to be what works best for them. What do they feel most comfortable in? Are they versatile enough to mix and match with a variety of outfits? Regardless of fashion trends, it’s always best to opt for safe, comfy options.

Keep Up With Your Child’s Shoes This Spring with Shoespenders

No matter what kind of shoes you put on your child this spring, you’re going to want to keep up with them! To ensure you always make it home with the same number of shoes you left with, choose Shoespenders, the baby-tested, safe, and fashionable solution to lost shoes! View all our options now at

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