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5 Must-Haves for Your Baby’s First Summer - Snappy Socks

5 Must-Haves for Your Baby’s First Summer

Whether you’re spending time with your baby at the beach, by the pool, at the park, or your own backyard this summer, there are a few necessities that will make your baby’s first summer a time to remember. Entertaining a little one during the summer can be challenging, and keeping them safe while enjoying time together in the sun is a top priority! 

Here are 5 must-haves for your baby’s first summer:


Sunscreen is absolutely essential to enjoying fun in the sun with your little one. Typically, you’ll be able to introduce sunscreen to your baby at around 6 months old, and when paired with seasonally appropriate clothing and shade, it’ll be a key protector for your child’s skin while spending time outdoors. Remember that sunscreen isn’t just essential during the summer, but year-round, especially if you’re spending time outside with your child.

Sun Hat 

In addition to sunscreen, a sun hat is key in protecting your baby’s precious face from the sun! If you’re spending time outdoors, a hat with built-in sun protection and a wide brim will work wonders toward shielding your child from the heat and the sun’s rays. Keep in mind that a stiff hat may be uncomfortable for your baby, so opting for a lightweight option that protects not only you’d child’s face, but their ears and neck, as well, is a great option!

Baby Sunglasses

UV rays can damage your little one’s eyes, so baby sunglasses are always recommended for even short periods of time in the sun. Not all baby sunglasses are created equally, and there are plenty of adorable options on the market that simply won’t get the job done. The best sunglass options will be durable, comfortable, offer a high percentage of UVR protection, and an option for polarized lenses.

Summer Clothing

Weather-appropriate clothing is a must-have for making it through your baby’s first summer! Sleeveless onesies are a comfortable option that will help keep your baby cool (just be sure to remember the sunscreen!). Breathable fabrics are also key, so loose cotton tops and bottoms are also great options. During the summer, it’s always best to play it safe with lighter fabrics; if your child gets chilly, it’s much easier and safer to add layers than to let your baby overheat.


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